NBP takes corporate wellness to the extreme with Stay Young Fitness.
    Damien Young (CEO of Stay Young Fitness)

Apr. 12th, 2012

Northeast Building Products Corporation is offering a supercharged version of a Corporate Wellness Program to our employees. We have teamed up with Stay Young Fitness Corporation, an In-Home Fitness Provider in Philadelphia to implement an 8 Week Contest deemed the 2012 Camelot Fitness Challenge.

This challenge is unlike most wellness programs. Typical wellness programs offer weight loss challenges. They hold large group exercise classes overseen by one fitness instructor. It’s more of a “cookie cutter” approach and not very individualized.

Northeast Building Products has taken Corporate Wellness to the extreme with its Challenge. Each employee participating will be given specific goals to reach over the 8 Week Period. They will be issued points for reaching their goals. They’ll also be given points for participating in lectures, workouts, steps per day and several other criteria. Each employee is grouped into small teams based on their goals, schedules and fitness levels.




Each team is then designated its very own personal trainer/nutritionist to work with. Their fitness professional will develop a specific workout and nutrition plan for each and every employee. They realize that not all employees want to just lose weight. Some may want to build muscle, reduce blood pressure or run a 10k. Whatever goal they seek, their dedicated fitness professional will motivate and help them to reach it. Northeast Building Products is sparing no expense when it comes to our employees’ health.

So, what happens to the person that earns the most points? Well, Northeast Building Products is giving them a Free Cruise for Two! In addition, we’re paying for their time off and giving the team who earns the highest point average a prize!

The result? Northeast Building Products, along with Stay Young Fitness are helping to transform the lives, bodies and health of its workforce and at the same time, giving the typical Corporate Wellness Program a new extremely high standard to reach.


Stay Young Fitness Corporation is the premier In-Home Fitness provider along the East Coast. The fitness professionals on staff currently serve the greater Philadelphia Region, NJ, Delaware, NY, and Fl. The Company was founded by Damien Young, who serves as CEO and is largely considered one of the top fitness professionals in the Country. Stay Young Fitness Corporation recruits only those fitness professionals who meet the highest standards of excellence in their respective fields. Each staff member is at the peak of their profession and is dedicated to helping clients in all physical and emotional aspects of their life. Stay Young Fitness offers extreme body transformation programs, personal training, nutrition counseling and personal chef programs.
You can visit Stay Young Fitness Corporation online at: www.syfitness.com